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I began my photographic career at the age of 11 when I borrowed a camera from my grandfather to take pictures at a custom car show in Washington, D.C.

Long interested in architecture and product design, I originally set out to become an automobile stylist, earning a Bachelor of Industrial Design from Syracuse University in the 1970s. After college, I taught photography for several years and produced design and photography for several publications. Over the last twenty years I have worked in the computer software industry specializing in digital imaging.

Need something nice for that empty wall? Prints of my work are available in a variety of sizes, reasonably priced from $1.99 to $89.99. Where to start? My most popular work has been my images of the beaches of Maine. Also check out my free screen backgrounds,

An avid Linux user, I am also the creator of LinuxCommand.org, a Linux education and advocacy site.

Questions? Comments? Write to me at bshotts@panix.com.

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